Saturday, April 2, 2011

A little recap of Charlie Sheen's stint in rehab

If there are any lawyers out there who are into civil justice, then have I got a career-making proposition for you. One of the most...

Burly cases that you're likely to come across.

Or if you know any lawyers, you could please pass this on to them, it's really for them to read, so just pass it on till it finds one.

If you (the lawyer) are really, truly desiring justice, justice in the name of your friends, your family, the children you will one day look back on as a good thing that happened to your life, if you are truly interested in the justice of the human being everywhere, then

I have a challenge for you.

To bring a case against the corporation that is THE CITY OF LONDON. If there is a name for bringing a case against someone for due cause of withholding information which lead to the cause of unecessary psychological, emotional and physical harm, that's the one we're talking about here. By falsely leading humans everywhere to believe that their names are their own to use and imposing unjust taxes upon us as a result. For witholding the facts that cause people to theive from the "government of CANADA" or the CROWN or some other such nation, say, you may apologize to the company \of the UNITED STATES for stealing for so long, property which was given as a temporary gift, and promising that we will never steal again from the government, but we simply didn't know.

We promise that this is the only reason why we thought that giving them more money would solve the problem. We thought more of our hard earned money was a suitible gift, seeing as they work with it and all. So we paid taxes, we're sorry, we wouldn't have done that if we knew they didn't like us using the names given to us at our registrated births through our birth certificates. They must see how, because they didn't tell us, we didn't know that we were unlawfully using "STATE" or "CROWN" properties.  So if you could apologize on behalf of every company that follows this rather underhanded, abusive business methodology, most likely ones that can be found in the bed of a banker.

 Coincidentally, Follow the banker far enough up the ladder and see how he also owns JAMAICA or part of NATO, or has his hand in the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, or some other organization which could cause conflicts of interest, by the simple act of controlling the BANK of those companies. In fact, actually you might benefit more (especially to pay for court fees) if you turn it into a case of THEFT as per a "withholding of information" or some other such charge.

You can tell them to stop using the clever ruse of naming all their banks "FEDERAL" or "NATIONAL', by the way. Posing as a government run company, all keen to manage OUR money and all, pretending that they're doing useful things likebalancing out the economy and such, but we all know the truth. We know they're privatized, it's starting to feel like an insult to our intelligence that they think we still believe theyre run by the government, so let's just have them divert their energy to more useful pursiuts than farce.

Like NOT creating  more money than there is in existence,
like NOT adjusting inflation and commodity prices as they see fit.
And NOT spending so much time and money investing in "defence" companies, as it is this branch that does phsical harm.

And we might as well start with the governmnet and how theyre' accusing us that we all want to pay for the wars through our taxes, and we want someone who has a take on things, one who doesn't assume so much. Also assuming that by living in a certain place, we immediately align with the political and combative values and ideologies of that "country" by the simple act of binding us under one flag against another flag, is folly. In doing so, we are causing others physiological and psychological AND physical harm. We can then have a case about how we're tired of the banks making descisions for us whcih, in effect, extend our hands in action against a people we have no quarrel with to enforce a "unity of all peace" and other UN - mandated values. Or are they UN-permitted...??

And against our government having secret facilities in the wilds of alaska which withhold valuable technologies which could be used  for the betterment and development of the human race, and are instead technologies being used  on such a proportedly ridiculous cause as "toying with the weather". To seriously waste our tax dollars on such an infertile act when there is social development, healthcare and infrastructure, libraries and universities to be financially supported, is mind-numbing. And the suggestion that it can be used as a weapon might also be a fruitful venture. Besides, the banks have a lot of money, so they won't feel bad about giving EVERYONE on the planet back their slave-wages.

So let's say that turns out to be a few more counts than I said, but I also said it would be challenging.

Right then. who's got the stones?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A little lbit of cocaine and Halle Barry are a sad mix

If you've ever opened an electronic device brand new out of the box, it is very noticable the amount of plastic that goes into the packaging. To present a product in a way that seeing it on the shelf so it is desirable takes a lot of material. Material which is produced somewhere with molecules gathered by some men. But as we are sucked down the drain of economic upheaval, we are trying to keep grasping all those things that have kept us floating through a substantial life. We have riddled our personal stories with items as landmarcks, as opposed to personal barriers or courageous undertakings. We are beginning to see that a system that runs on unchecked sprawl and unbridled development leads to a system which churns out spiteful, spoiled babies that do nothing but grasp for another bottle but we've bought all the bottles in the store, from every country, and they're still not happy. That's it, we've had our ride, the shops' closing, we're going in another direction. Without you. You've done your service, paid your taxes, now we don't need you anymore. Banksters all over the world think this way, that more plastic will give you appeasal, will show you purpose when you need something to strive for. I believe that as people sink farther into the life-supplementing consumer lifestyle, we become tilted from reality to look at an imitation of life. We get bombarded everyday by artificial stimuli, our every whim is appeased superficially. So when this screen of life glitches, we get a glimpse into the beautiful vibrancy of reality. By weighing reality and the life we're discontented with, because it wasn't at all what we thought, we begin to have a hungry realisation that reality is much more worthwhile. Getting out of the house becomes a memorable experience, instead of a time-leech that it used to be. In a world that spins faster as quakes shrink us, they're also bringing us closer together. Shrink-wrapped for so long in our box, seeing a hole through it is like seeing the first sunrise. And then hearts start to yearn. They are telling us something that we dont' want to hear. That the plastic was used against you to give you what you thought you wanted. Does not one want what one does not have? So now that we have everything... Do we want nothing? Do we want to simply drop our suitcase, smash our chrome bumper with a lamp from an international product house, and say saionara, charlie, i'm going to go put my bare feet in the fountain and lay in the grass shirtless? Do we want to stop smiling at that coworker we so curiously devote so much energy to? Do we want to start living in a world where the energy devoted to the farce will instead let us shut down those monolithic energy compounds that loom over our peace of mind like a bull taunting a goose? I see the farce as a diversion from humanity, and a vortex of misery. We get it, we dont have those things on the silver screen. No, we don't need any more eyeliner, no, we have enough cell phones, and no, our blanket does not need sleeves. We've toiled for what exactly?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

How a film tried to ruin human resolve

I just finished watching Battle los Angeles, and let me tell you, what a downer. It has been a while since I've felt so discouraged for being a human being. Throughout the whole movie there is a prevailing sense of loss and disempowerment, rectified only by the powers of teh military. From the first, the characters in the military, like most films about war, are idolized as these calm-in-the-line-of-fire, unified fighting force, dodging bullets and jumping barricades without tiring or becoming discouraged. There is the odd soldier who loses his head, but fortunately for him there is always one superhuman commander to snap him out of it nearby. I noticed how the military is given a difficult task of heading out to retrieve civilians from behind enemy lines, while the civilians are holed up helplessly in the police station. It shows me that we shouldn't have faith in ourselves, that we should instead rely on the gross power of the military instead of our own skills, cunning and innate survival instincts to defend ourselves. And if we look at the one exxample of a civilian trying to act for himself, take matters into his own hands, we see he is gunned down after grabbing a rifle and taking charge to fight for his survival. He is mortally wounded and dies a slow death. Does this mean that the military's supiroir training is getting them beyond the survival of the civilians? Possibly. That I could understand. They have tactics and strategies to use in battle which have been refined through generations of military intelligence. However, human beings all have a survival instinct that kicks in and generates reportedly superhuman abilities. When people are left to their own devices in a survival situation, they've been known to accomplish astonishing feats. Such as the ever-popular tale of the woman lifting a car off her child. Or the skiier who survives seven days buried in an avalanche. The fact is that when people are left to themselves, they realise that noone is there to help them and so fear does not factor in to the equation. Instead, their necessity for survival allows them freedom to accomplish surprising things. In a pinch, a human is powerful in their instinctive reactions and actions. But this movie doesn't portray an ounce of that except for in the military characters, and even then, only the ones in charge. 

There is a commander with loads of experience who is necessary for leadership and wisdom, yes, but he is so idolized by his peers that they lose faith in themselves. they are always looking to him as a saviour and rely on his tactics alone. Sure, a chain of command is important. However it is not the only crutch. This movie tells me that in a disaster situation, I should hole up, not think for myself and simply wait for the all-powerful military to come on by and rescue me, for they have training and guns, which are essential for success. Well in this film, when things seem like they're too much, and the forces dont believe they will make it through, there is always one soldier who finds it in himself to dole out a motivational speech to his troops and people, showing them there is hope. When really, for lack of needing to look up to someone for guidance, he was free to realise that fear is unnecessary at this time, which opened up his thoughts to planning and strategy, motivating him to action and freeing him from the clutches of that feeling of helplessness. All it takes for him is to look around and see that there are people in need, sees his innate potential to help, and acts on it. So, because he's human like everyone else, don't we all have that power within us?

This movie seems to suggest, like many other military films, that the human being is only powerful when in a percieved position of authority, that the individual, especially without the sidecick of firepower, is hopeless in such a situation. This is narrowing our perception of what is possible in a crisis situation, and discourages free thinking. I hope that if we are ever in a position of helplessness, we will climb out of the hole of fear and helplessness. That is all I see in this film. It makes sense, that because of military strategy garnered through training, the military has a supirior hand in combat, but it is composed of humans just like us, who, though refined by training as well, are motivated by love for life and a necessity to survive and continue that life. They have the same emotions and reactions to situations seemingly hopeless as we do. They are human. The commanders progress in the ranks alone did not teach him that fear can be supressed and a hopeless situation overcome, rather it was the pursiut of survival and the realisation of the fragility of fear that got him through tight spots and advanced him to the ranks where he is at. He succumed to his own will for survival, and a need to keep those around him alive, surrendered to that instead of fear, and came out on top. 

He realises his own human potential. This through the faith from the people around him. They send him their hope and it is this that leads him to realise that he has power. their encouragement, not arms and strategies. We see that the drive to success was rooted not his medals or his rank, it was his belief that he has the potential to change the lot of the pepole around him. He disregarded fear and his own life, and in doing so, successfully came out of a dire situation. So we can ask ourselves how we would act if we all did that. How would we function if we had faith and hope in all those around us? It would mean that we would all have encouragement and empowerment to do amazing things, would it not? This would lead us to accomplish amazing acts, all of us. To realise our own power and potential rather than waiting around for someone to save us is the path to survival, not having weapons, military training or a superior number of combatants. I will not be led to believe I need the military to survive a crisis situation. Sure, at oods, there may be some situations where the military is an essential tool for success, but that will not stop me from realising my own power and potential and using it to increase my chances, as well as those of those around me, for survival.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tired o' dis shit. Also, Justin Beiber is a fag. No offence to fags anywhere

Without end can I talk about the marvels of the human experience. I can talk anyone's face off about how absolutely awesome

life is. How awe-inspiringly beautiful nature and the world are. The human being has INFINITe possibilities in this world. Determined only by their imagination, the world you live in is. Ultimate freedom exists, its' A reality. And it's an inifinetly intricate experience, a fully realised body and mind travelling through the world, forging a path in history with infiite powers. Only when people realise how unbearably precious this is will people realise. Only then will they realise what a tragedy it really is to have one's freedom and rights repressed by a person or people. The ridiculousness that rights and freedoms of those around you (loved ones, etc.) are determined by a group of people is superceded only by the fact that their supposed supremacy over us is determined by nothing more than the stocks they hold in their name. The value of their estate. The net worth of their fat cat. Only for these reasons, themselves being nothing but a sum total of the quantity of asses kissed, hands shaken and promises made (and broken), are they corporate moguls sitting on bags of cash and wads of power. It is a trail of lies that litters their path of secretive maneuverings, not spiritual milestones. And this makes them great? This means they get to decide who lives how? Something is not right here. They are dead inside and that is why they control the world. So someone would give a damn. And how is it impossible that they not stop there? If the myriad of despicable things they've done so far, the repression of knoledge, the disconnection of truth from the media, the floridation of the water, the in-corporation of the world, is all for a reason and it has not affected their abilities to sleep at night, what's to stop them from wanting full control? So let me ask you, what's so hard to buy about a story of a group of people owning the world, staging terrorist attacks to put the western world in a state of fear so they would willingly let the higher powers control their lives and invade their privacy for the sake of "security from the terrorists". A means to hike prices and rob humanity of it's humanity so they can't fight back. All you have to remember is that the human being is a spiritual being, with a creative and imaginative mind that needs to be free and to exercise just like the body does, so you will realise that the suppression of free human beings as we intrinsically are on this planet, -natural, not separate from what goes on in the world, being an organism just like the plants and animals who work in harmony to keep this planet running smoothly, - do we see that the suppression of the human will cannot be afforded to proceed.

Free your mind. That is how one person makes a difference.

Don't you wonder what the next paradigm will be? It may be just that, one of wonder.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Justin Timberlake RETIRES and takes up Professional curling!!!!!



I hope, that while you're reading this, you aren't being made to do something unsavory. Pause for a second! Are you skinning a cat right now? Are you stuffing your loved one with cotton candy? Are you doing anything out of the ordinary for you? It is possible, right now, for you to become entrapped and affected to do just about anything, because the human being is under threat from the devices he loves. The Television and many other electronic devices (audio devices included) can be altered to affect the human physiology. Which is just abuot anything. By defenition includes anything from inducing a mild trance, a deep rested and accepting state, to seizures, heart attacks and mood changes. This is BIG NEWS. Televisions and electronic devices are a huge part of our lives, they surround us and we rely on them for a large part of our communications and information needs. We don't go to the library anymore, we go to the internet to study. Learning comes from a screen now, in classrooms, in bus stations, everywhere. Think for a second, if this is true, then we are extremely vulnerable. Read it here, for yourself (you don't need me to tell you, you're a free human, figure it out for yourself) and imagine what it means for us. Imagine being at home, watching TV, and disaster strikes, just like it did on 9/11. There is an outbreak of Ebola or some other terrible disease, and they tell you to stay at home. Now, an individual who possesses common sense, he can look at this and say, "wait, is this the right course of action to take? CAN I trust these people. Let's just hold a minute here... " and processes his rational thoughts.

However, if this patent is enacted to utilise secret messages and control ANY aspect of the human physiology, an individual who possesses common sense, could have no use of it. It could be hijacked, and they could be held in their chair while untold injustices are done to their fellow man. They could use it to hypnotize you so easily, that you would not even know what happened. That's why this information needs to get out there, as soon as possible to as many people as possible. What does this mean for human development and evolution if our entire being can be hijacked by someone who simply amps up the flicker rate on your tv. It means our destinies are not our own! If there is someone who can directly influence you without your knowledge or control or rational thought-processes, for that matter, within a matter of seconds to convince you to possibly commit horrible acts, we are not free. What we do have is freedom of speech.

And that freedom is the one to be defended and utilised as much as possible in these changing tides of technology and knowledge. We are being awakened to something for a reason, and that is in large part so we can awaken others. So I implore you, everyone who reads this, please ask at least one person what they think about this. And tell them the patent exists.